About us

About us

MVC-Data ApS is a Danish company that develops innovative Bluetooth-based security and welfare solutions.
We have broad competencies in product development, testing and production. We have developed a series of unique access control systems called AccessZone®. They are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology with classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. It is built on the Bluetooth reference platform of MVC-Data.


We began developing small software components for other companies in 2001. In 2004 we began developing products on our own product platform - from concept to release. Our latest product is AccessZone - a series of access control systems. AccessZone® is a registered trademark.
MVC-Data was founded back in 2001 by Michael Vinther Christensen. In 2008, MVC-Data ApS was created by merging MVC-Data and DTE-Data founded by Peter B. Busk. In January 2014 Morten B. Kjær joined as a partner.
In 2008 MVC-Data ApS was founded by combining MVC-Data and DTE Data founded by Peter B. Busk. Currently, we have three development engineers and a sales director associated with more than 40 total years of experience in embedded systems development and more than 15 years in PC programming, web, and database development.
We also employ highly skilled external consultants to address specific needs.
MVC-Data ApS is located in Nibe Business Park, Skalhuse 5, 9240 Nibe, Denmark.

Skalhuse 5
9240 Nibe
CVR nr.:31575370

Tlf: +45 30 65 49 01