PcManagement TM

The AccessZone PcManagement System is the PC application that handles the user interface to the AccessZone Control System. The AccessZone PcManagement System runs on a standard network or Bluetooth enabled Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 PC and controls the AccessZone GateController System which interfaces with the opening mechanism of gates (ports, bumps, door locks and other devices).

Download PcManagement for demonstration


AccessZone PcManagement System Features:

  1. System administration and maintenance can be performed with just a few mouse clicks
  2. Advanced system settings are configurable via the Windows registry
  3. Allows you to quickly and easily provide access to a new user
  4. Allows you to quickly and easily revoke access from a current user
  5. You can scan for new access keys (devices located near the gates) by searching for them with the GUI
  6. Enter your own names for newly scanned keys
  7. Manually add Key IDs and names if needed
  8. Allows you to enable password protection for all maintenance tasks to enhance security


The AccessZone PcManagement System Specifications:

  1. Uses Bluetooth V2.0 EDR as the wireless link with the AccessZone GateController System
  2. Stores all accesses in a database for later analysis
  3. Sets up profile access for at least 2000 individual users (SBD-Keys) (Can be extended for more users)
  4. Supports typical database functionality
  5. Provides support for multiple AccessZone GateController Systems
  6. Easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

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