Use Cases

Use Cases

The AccessZone Control System is the next generation of wireless access control systems that can be used in any environment. You can quickly and efficiently control and/or track access to your site or restricted area. You have durable, easy-to-install, wireless control of your gates or bumps using the AccessZone GateController System and you have an easy-to-use, highly flexible, easily configurable, timestamped database using the AccessZone PcManagement System.

The use cases identified and described on this page are intended to help you conceive and develop your own ideas so that you can see that with the AccessZone Control System, there are virtually endless possibilities.


Use Cases

User scenarios can include, but are not limited to the following:Plantegning PcManagement Gate Open lock

  • A trucking company to grant exclusive access to only their trucks
  • A company to only allow access for employees to the site
  • A group of citizens to control access to their gated neighborhood
  • A campsite owner to grant access to only paying visitors
  • A homeowner can open and close garage doors or gates
  • A music festival organizer who wants to control access (like a wireless ticket)
  • A city can control access to their recycling site 8.
  • A marina can identify boats and other craft when they enter or leave their port
  • A school can register students and teachers and control access to different parts of the school
  • Retiree personal can have access to retirees’ homes. The retiree personal don’t have to keep track of thousands of keys and the visits are automatically registered in the database


Extended Use Cases

The following use case scenarios require an extension to the current version of the AccessZone Control System and would require support from other systems. For example, internet applications, third party vendors, etc.

  • A music festival attendee. Multiple AccessZone GateController Systems could be located in the area and report to one AccessZone PcManager System master. Festival attendees could enter their name on a PC, which would allow friends to locate them easier.
  • In stores as a wireless payment card. Customers could have an account in the store and could pay their bill over the Internet or via home banking.
  • At a bus or train company as a wireless bus/train travel card. The bus/train card could be validated either at terminal entry, or when the bus/train service personnel ask for a ticket. A customer could renew their card at the bus/train station, or use the Internet to renew the bus/train card. That is, they could buy a month or more of bus/train and travel rights as needed.
  • At a retirement home as an access and alarm security system. The retiree could push a button on their Bluetooth enabled device and an alarm would register on the AccessZone PcManagement System which would be monitored by the retirement home staff. The system would also be capable of making database entries when a retiree leaves or enters the retirement home.
  • A person can pay for solarium, access to swim stadiums and drinks from soda and coffee machines. Thereby avoiding cash in the machines which can be stolen. Students can pay for school food and drinks.
  • Pay for car parking and fuel on gas stations.


“The Intelligent Office” – proactive intelligence:

  • The burglar alarm is disabled when a valid key has been registered within the secured area. The burglar alarm is automatically enabled again after a few minutes if no valid keys can be detected.
  • Make the daily work at the office or workshop easier. AccessZone Control System automatically switches on the light, PC, coffee machine, heat and ventilation. When no persons are in the building everything is switched off again and thereby preserves power.
  • Screen saver/login is automatically enabled when the employee leaves the PC. This ensures that the PC is never left in a condition where unauthorized persons can get access to the PC and thereby increases the security.
  • The employees work hours are registered. Arrival and departure times are automatically registered in the database on the AccessZone Control System and the work schedules can easily be made. This makes the daily life easier for all.

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