Questions and Answers to frequently asked questions

? - Does AccessZone work with all mobile phones with Bluetooth? 

Yes, all mobile phones can be set to be visible, as required for AccessZone to be able to detect the mobile phone, 

There are a few limitations:
Apple iPhone - is only visible in some special conditions.
Please refer to "How to Use iPhone with AccessZone"
Motorola - are typically only visible for 1-3 minutes at a time.
Use our AccessZone Java application to change it to "always visible"


? - Does AccessZone work with Wiegand Bus? 

Yes, AccessZone is available with Wiegand Bus, so Bluetooth readers can be added to existing access control systems.
Please refer to AccessZone GC470 for more information


? - Can AccessZone arm and disarm an alarm system? 

Yes, AccessZone has an output that can be connected to an alarm system for easy arming or disarming by selected users.


? - Can AccessZone be controlled remotely over the Internet? 

Yes, AccessZone GC3000 is available with IP interface for remote management over Internet. This makes it possible to manage multiple locations from a central location with PcManagement.


? - Does AccessZone work without a PC connection? 

Yes, All AccessZone systems are self-governing (autonomous) and have all user information stored locally in the module.
A PC connection is only needed for monitoring and configuration.

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