Safety on the job!
SafeZone offers the solution ...

SafeZone is your wireless security alarm. Activate your bracelet or keyhanger and your colleagues or the control center are immediately aware of your need for help ...

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It is your safety - it is:

An integrated system

It's a system with a fixed installation. Receives signals from the bracelet or keyhanger anywhere in the building. Will advise colleagues about who and where help is needed. Easy and discreet.

Notifications - alert

You choose. Notify your colleagues through a "pop-up" message on their work PC. Via SMS, e-mail or through physical alarm with light and buzzer. Or direct integration with an associated control center.

Or Plug'n play system.

Small unit with receiver, sound and light alarm and associated bracelet / keyhangers. Plug the system into the power socket and you have your personal alarm at your fingertips

Demo or more info

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Fixed installation or Plug'n play

Case: Fixed instalation by the Danish State Administration

MVC-Data and Lindpro have since mid-2014 installed security alarms for about 140 employees at the State Administration. Installation is carried out in several departments but controlled from the centrally located server.
All employees have the option of using their bracelet or keyhanger, and discreetly call for help if they get into a situation where they feel unsafe.
Notifications of colleagues are discrete, so an unfortunate situation is not escalated because of loud sound and flash alarms.
If you want more information about the system please contact: Morten Kjaer, MVC-Data ApS Mail - tlf +45 2677 2003 or Ole Assing, Lindpro Odense. Mail

Illustration Plug'n play system:

Danish designed and produced by MVC-Data ApS

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